• 06 July 2011
    Satrec Initiative-US (SI-US) Press Release
  • Satrec Initiative and SpaceWorks Commercial Announce Technical Assistance Agreement (TAA) to Allow Data Exchange With U.S. Customers [PRESS RELEASE]

  • 25 June 2011
    Satrec Initiative Spacecraft Manufacturing Certifications and Compliance
  • Satrec Initiative presents a summary of the various certifications, standards, and clean room conditions for its spacecraft and component production [ABOUT]

Satrec Initiative-US (SI-US)

SI-US is the U.S. marketing presence of Satrec Initiative (SI), one of the world's leading companies in high performance Earth observation small satellite solutions.

SI-US provides a line of Earth Observation (EO) systems, payloads, components, and spin-offs to U.S. customers seeking the best value in the small satellite marketplace.