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Contaminated Land Poses Serious Risk To Development Projects!

A piece of land that is contaminated with hazardous minerals and chemicals is not just a risk to health of its occupiers and environment, it poses a serious challenge to its development.

An effective contaminated land assessment can protect you and your financial interests. If you have not got your land assessed for contamination, seek a help from a land assessment professional organization.

Following are key points that should help you know why land assessment is important:

  • If your land has been in an industrial use and now you are considering to implement a development project on it, have your land assessed before doing so.
  • You would be required by local authorities to get your land assessed for contamination to find out it is safe for carrying out your planned project.
  • A piece of land that is contaminated poses serious risk to environment. You must meet latest environment safety regulations and have a contaminated land assessment before execution of your project.
  • A contaminated piece of land also poses serious risk to health of its prospective occupiers and workers who would be working on the project. To ensure their safety you must have an assessment of your land done.
  • A piece of land stands chance of contamination even if it has not been in an industrial or commercial use. A higher level of asbestos and other minerals is often found in soil. A contaminated land assessment can identify the type and quantity of contamination in the soil
  • If your land is near sea, especially if it is reclaimed from sea, it is most likely to be contaminated. It would need a treatment to declare fit for a development project.
  • A contaminated land assessment can help increase value of your land if you are planning to sell it. Potential investors are always interested in knowing quality of soil, level of contamination and possibility of its treatment. It helps them in making an informed decision on prospective investment.
  • If land posses a greater challenge to its development potential investors might shy off from investing into it or would seek to negotiate value of the deal. They tend to show less interest for an investment in a piece of land that does not meet latest environment regulatory standards, epically when contaminated land assessment is not done.
  • It is a standard practice of land owners and builders that they get their land assessed for contamination before selling it off or its development for a commercial and residential project. It is also necessary from protection of land itself. When a piece of land is left untreated it can deteriorate to a serious level. It makes its treatment difficult and more costly then.
  • It is a wise choice that you should have a contaminated land assessment. It would save you on cost and from difficulties such as facing legal challenges. Hazardous land can face hefty fines from environment protection authorities. Browse this website to fid out more details.